Release Notes


Version Number

There are three parts to the version number: Major Version, Minor Version and Bug Fix.

For me to up the major version number I'd be looking at some pretty big changes to the game as a whole. We're talking major revamps to the UI, whole new feature sets, maybe even conceptual changes to the way Mazele is played.

Minor version number increases will be more common. They might include a new feature, a few bug fixes put together, a tweak to the way a component looks or feels.

Finally, lowest of the low, is the "Bug Fix" number. This is more likely due to spelling mistakes or a single bug.

Together they might look like "1.2.7" or "9.1.3", with the order going Major.Minor.BugFix

Version Title

For a bit of fun, I'll title versions. The titles might be to do with what I was trying to achieve by my changes, or a quote that I think summarizes it. We'll see how I get on with their quality...!

1.4.2 - Sharing is caring

18th November 2023

Added a friendly plea to share Mazele when a user reaches a streak of 3. If you're reading this, I can't tell you how grateful I'd be if you shared Mazele with a close friend. Help me to sell out to the New York Times, please!

1.4.1 - Don't leave me hanging?!

6th October 2023

Fixed a bug where if the first time a user played they didn't win, they wouldn't be shown the correct solution. Not going to lie to you, that must have been pretty frustrating...! Apologies, although I'm not sure I'd come back for a second game if I failed to win, and wasn't even shown what the correct answer was. So fair play if this affected you and you're here reading this.

1.4.0 - Look at you go!

23rd September 2023

Added achievements! Now streaks and other fun goings on will be rewarded with both a fun css pop up, and a record of your glorious achievements in the achievement modal. My goodness, I'm spoiling you.

1.3.1 - A helping visible hand

1st September 2023

Made it easier to find the tutorial from the side bar and nav bar.

1.3.0 - A helping hand

30th August 2023

Introduced a tutorial. It's pretty bare bones at the moment, and not very pretty, but it might help some players while I begin to make it look better.

1.2.1 - Priorities

27th August 2023

Moved the share button above the score graph on the statistics modal.

1.2.0 - Everyone needs to hear they've done a good job

27th August 2023

We need a bit more of a reward on successful completion of the maze! The maze now spins on completion, exiting! Maybe in the future I'll add something even more exiting still... but that'll do for now.

Also reintroduced the Reddit social link - seems like it got lost in one of my previous merges!

1.1.0 - What do you want?!

26th August 2023

I've been trying to be approved to display adverts. Unfortunately Mazele has been deemed "low quality content". I've been trying to work out why this is, and a possible reason is a lack of text on the site, as well as no "Contact Us" page, or "Privacy Policy". I've added those things, and will try again...

It's worth saying that it's not strictly true that every advertiser turned me down. Google AdSense and Sovrn both did, but a series of much less reputable companies did not. Loyal mazeler, be grateful I did not subject you to the flashing "You Have a Virus" that AdsTerra was willing to provide.

1.0.0 - Look upon my works ye mighty, and despair

28th March 2023

It works! After significant blood, sweat and tears. The mazes refresh, the grid squares spin, the statistics count. A minimum viable product has been achieved, and so I'm sharing it with the world. Obviously there is plenty still to do. But we'll get to that.