About Mazele

The Mazele Concept

Can you remember how disappointed you were when you first discovered that Wordle only allowed you to guess daily words, and had no support for mazes? I sure can.

Through my tears, I envisioned a world that combined both the thrill of a daily guessing game with incremental clues squeezed out of prior guesses, and the intoxication of a freshly plotted maze path.

Mazele is the result of that dream. Everyday, a fresh Mazele challenge awaits you. Exquisite.

The Mazele Pronunciation

Mazele rhymes with an American pronunciation of "Basil".

If you're anything like my friends or family, you'll quickly spot that given that pronunciation, Mazele should be spelt quite differently. For instance: "Mazel" or "Mazle".

While you would of course be correct, those spellings would miss the Word-le -> Maze-le link. Equally, those domains were more expensive, so "Mazele" it is. Sorry.

The Mazele Socials

You might be panicking that the only way to support Mazele would be to play, every day. Have no fear! There are even more ways!

You can support us on our social media accounts, here: